Yusuke Aoi
Voice Actor
July 7th
Professional Soccer Player
Always full of energy and cheer, Yusuke is the type who moves before thinking, the complete opposite of the contemplative Kyosuke. His positive attitude and cheerfulness lets him get along well with people.
Yusuke always relies on his intuition, and is a genius in his own right because of it. However, since he fails to notice the smaller details, he often follows his brother's lead instead. He's also not good at studying.
Yusuke is a former professional soccer player and Kyosuke's older twin brother. He was forced to retire after badly injuring his knee attempting to do a risky move during a game.
Attribute Mental
Hometown Nagano Star Sign Cancer
Age 18 Height 161 cm
Weight 52 kg Shoe Size 24 cm
Writing Hand Left Blood Type B
Hobbies; Skills Soccer; Soccer Family Younger twin brother
Reasons for Becoming an Idol I'm aiming to be the world's strongest with Kyosuke!
Personal Motto Full steam ahead! Always give it your all!
Comments for the Future I want me and Kyosuke to be the strongest twin-idols this world’s ever seen. I don’t think there’s any unit out there more in sync than we are! Dreams make the world big! So, anyway, nice to meet you, Coach♪
Comments about Unit Members Kyosuke? Hmm... We’ve been together since we were born, but I’ve never really thought about it before. Still, he’s a real swell and cheery guy, no two ways about it! You can take my word on that, haha♪