Kyosuke Aoi

Voice actor: Yamaya Yoshitaka
Stats: Vi > Da > Vo
attribute: Intelligent

"W"onderful Tactics! (CV:山谷祥生)

Kyosuke is a former professional soccer player and Yusuke's younger twin brother.

He's an intellectual who specializes in strategy. Though he always supports Yusuke's freewheeling, and even follows him up from time to time, his own talent is unparalleled.
He sometimes worries too much about his older brother, and can be a bit overprotective of him.
He blames himself for Yusuke's knee injury despite Yusuke insisting that it wasn't his fault.
There are times where he doubts himself and wishes he shared his brother's confidence. However, he learns to trust in others more and rely on them after becoming an idol.


Ex-job: Professional Soccer Player
hometown: Nagano
Birthday: July 7th
Age: 18
hobbies: Wire Puzzles
Skills: Setting Practice Schedules, Coaching
Height: 161 cm
Weight: 52 kg
Shoe Size: Shoe Size:
Writing Hand: Right
Blood Type: B
Star Sign: Cancer


Reasons for Becoming an Idol Because Yusuke said he wanted to become an idol, I suppose. It’s all good, I’m having fun!
Personal Motto “No fear!” or, “Never back down!” are pretty good ones, no?
Comments for the Future It’s not like I have to be with Yusuke through anything and everything, no matter what. It’s just, I want to support him in whatever he wants to do, and make whatever he dreams come true. That’s why, I’ll do my part to make this Twin Idol Unit a reality.
Comments about Unit Members Yusuke and I always do everything together, so, to me, he doesn’t really have a presence. Ah, but I mean that in a good way, y’know? It looks like he’s taken a liking to you, Coach, so he’s getting along with you. Me too, of course♪


YUSUKE   Older bro

TOUMA   Touma is a long-time fan of W as he's a soccer nerd.

HOKUTO   Hokuto teaches Kyosuke how to 'ciao' for their 2nd Anniversary live